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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saffold Dam

In November my painted windows were on display at a local coffee shop downtown. In the months leading up to the show I was very busy painting as many windows as I could to fill the shop. One of my favorites was one I planned to use as a focal point of the show: a painting of a nearby favorite location. As soon as I posted the finished painting on facebook a friend contacted me wishing to purchase it. When I explained I had hoped to display it at the show, he purchased it and let me use it in the show. He wanted the painting for a suprise Christmas gift for his wife, my friend Thien, who blogs here. It was so fun anticipating her reaction to his gift!

Both Thien and her husband Mark watched the progress of the painting as I posted photos on facebook. Thien just never knew it would soon be hers!

It was an honor for me that they wanted one of my windows hanging in their beautiful home. Apparently this favorite spot of mine, is a favorite of theirs as well!

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  1. We love it, Tammy. And to think I kept looking at it and didn't know it was mine! LOL