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Friday, January 7, 2011

Davis Creek Church

After a much too-long absence from blogging, here I am once more. Only this time, I have a brand new blog. I may still try to find the time to post on my other blog, but for now my heart is right here.

Last year, after a 2 year break of no painting, I picked up my paintbrushes again. I'll never know why I went so long without painting. It just felt so right, having a paintbrush in my hand, a project on the easel, and paint under my nails and on my jeans.

It is my plan to showcase past and current works here, and even to let you see the progress of many projects. And maybe, as new ideas surface,I'll let you in on them first right here.

I'm also in the midst of getting available paintings for sale uploaded to my etsy site. Keep checking back there because I'm not quite finished with that task yet either and there may just be something for you there.

In the mean time I'll let you see the progress of a painting that is near and dear to my heart. I began painting antique windows a few years ago. This particular project is a recent window painting. My husband and I found some old windows at my Grandpa's place in Missouri the  last time we went to visit. I brought them home, and selected this one. I taped it and prepared it for painting:

I decided to paint a sepia painting of an old church on this window; the church I grew up in; the church where my parents were married; where I met my Lord and Savior; where my grandfather was baptised; where my aunt attended school.

I considered posting the finished painting for sale when it was completed but my husband said, "you can't sell this one. It's your Grandpa's window, and the church where you grew up. This one, you should keep." I think he's right.

So as of a few days ago, this painting now resides in my living room:

I think it looks as if it was made for that corner, don't you?

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  1. Absolutely!! You have an amazing talent. It's beautiful!