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Friday, November 15, 2013

Painted Egg Ornaments

Friends have been told not to stand still too long in my presence or risk being painted. This has been said because of the variety of objects I have been known to paint.

This summer we began to raise chickens and quail. One day as I was washing eggs it occurred to me I should find something creative to do with them! I still am not sure what to do with the abundance of quail eggs, but I've begun to paint the chicken eggs as Christmas ornaments.

I have found that painting eggs takes a lot longer than even painting glass ornaments. I'm enjoying making a work of art from something so simple and so readily available at my house. Because they take so long, I have very few available yet and this particular egg has already sold.
Keep checking my website over at The Creator's Porch to see when I have new ones available. Currently there is a Santa available and a few more should be ready soon!

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