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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mirror Lake

One of my favorite places to explore when I go back home to the Ozarks for a visit, is Blanchard Springs in Arkansas. Every visit has proven to be peaceful and beautiful. Last summer was my husband's first trip to see the place I love so much. I would love to see the area in the fall, abundant with all the colors that autumn brings to the area.
Of course I took many photos of our trip, which can be found here.

When we visited everything was very lush and green. I took photos of the lake, always imagining what it might look like splashed in the colors of fall.

I decided to paint a scene of Mirror Lake (information about the area can be found here) but I decided to use a bit of "artistic license" and painted the image how I have seen it in my mind, abundant with color:

The painting is available on my etsy site here. It is painted on an antique window, also from the Ozarks.

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