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Monday, February 21, 2011

Prep Work

I haven't accomplished much as far as painting this week. I do have a commissioned window painting I need to work on. My customer, a good friend of mine, had already chosen the window she wanted but wanted the blue paint stripped from it. Saturday found me donning gloves and tackling that chore.

I sprayed the chemical and scraped and scraped.....

Saturday afternoon was beautiful. My husband was also outside, working on his motorcycle. While I was scraping paint he brought horseshoes over and we both took a break to play a round.

My game started GREAT! I scored 3 points and a ringer in the first few tosses! But then quickly lost my touch and hubby stomped me. I blame the gloves I didn't bother taking off. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Break's over, time to scrape more paint!

Eventually, just as it was getting too dark to see what I was doing, I decided I'd removed all that could be removed!

And just in case you ever wondered, paint stripper doesn't strip skin off! Just in case you ever drop some on your exposed toes. Not that I did that or anything!

This window is ready for a new scene! Stay tuned....

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